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a fresh approach by indie lime..

Don’t be fooled by the web. With the rise of social media and the internet, some businesses forget the power of printed material. The fact is printed material is nice to hold and the impact a beautifully designed and printed card or brochure has on a potential client hangs around long after the internet is turned off!

Print is certainly not dead. We are working with businesses every day to design and develop a wide range of printed material. They key is to understand how print works and come up with clever designs that make the most of the medium you are using. Going from a web based design to print, is not a simple click of a button…rookie mistake.

At indie lime we have a thorough understanding of the print process and can help you with design and printing of your marketing material that is cost effective and AWESOME! We also care about the environment and choose printing options that use vegetable or soy based inks and environmentally friendly stocks wherever possible.

indie lime offer your business a fresh approach to print design. You can check out some samples of our print design work on our website or even better, contact us to have a chat and we can show you some REAL touch and feel samples!