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Steps to getting a great logo for your business

it’s a big decision to update your logo

It’s a big decision to update your logo, but more often than not it’s the right decision to keep your business moving forward. Often when we are starting out in business we are in a rush to just get something out there, with time and money restraints you just may not have thought your business logo through. Your business also grows and changes over time and therefore the look and feel of how you present your business can change too.

So you’ve come to the realisation your logo needs some love..that’s great, but where to from here? This may feel daunting and overwhelming, but overall, it is an exciting and empowering time for your business. This is your chance to get it right, to create a logo that will truly represent who you are.

The first step in creating a great business logo is really about having a close look at your own business. Think about:

WHY  Why are you doing this? What is your passion?

WHAT?  What do you want to be known for? What are your key products and or services?

WHO?  Who is your ideal customer? Be specific!

HOW?  How do you connect with your clients? How do you sell your product or service?

Then you need to do some research. Look at your competitiors – how is your logo design going to be different and stand out from the crowd? Find examples of logos that you like, colour combinations, fonts and images that you feel align with your business. Create a mood board to help you visualise the look and feel of your business.

Now it’s time for the fun stuff, LOGO DESIGN! As discussed earlier, when starting out, the temptation is to cut costs and do everything yourself. However like all parts of our business, we all have our expertise and if graphic design is not your given talent, it’s time to hand over some of your hard earned cash and get the job done right!


Hire a graphic designer that know their stuff. Again, do some research. Look at their past work – don’t just fixate on price.  Look at any business you admire. Now look at their logo. Does it look like they designed it themselves? It’s unlikely, so don’t cut corners get a professional graphic designer in.*

*If you don’t know a pro, get in touch…we’d love to help with your logo design. indie lime graphic designers have created custom made logo designs for a wide range of businesses. You can start you research into logo design now by checking out some of our latest graphic design work.