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indie lime’s top 5 tips for social media design with zing!

good design will make your social media pages stand out and be seen.

Let’s face it, social media is highly accessible and pretty much a ‘free’ tool, so every business out there has jumped on board to use it. It’s a great way to promote your brand, your products/services and most of all connect with your customers. But when everyone is doing it, how do you stand out?


“Lara from indie lime we cannot thank you enough. You are so on the ball and before we even know of a change to facebook and how it will impact us and our images etc so have already thought of it and fixed it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Alecia, Green Mumma

Here are our top tips for great social media design for your business:

1. update your cover pages

Cover pages across all social media platforms are a great space to advertise who you are and what you offer. Like a business card, they are often the first point of contact a potential customer will have with your business. So they need to be well branded, up to date and entice your audience to click and follow your page. An out of date promotion, event or contact details on your cover page does not show your business off in a good light.

2. get the sizing right

It can seem like a nightmare, there are so many different dimensions to know with social media design, but it is SO important to make sure everything is created at the correct size, otherwise your images, timeline photos and profile pics may look distorted or pixelated and again, make your business seem unprofessional. Luckily there are plenty of cheat sheets out there, with sizing for all of the different platforms, like this page for Facebook sizing.

3. be consistent

SO important that your social media design is consistent with all of your business branding. Make sure your logo, colours, fonts, images and tone of voice are consistent and complimentary across all platforms and in line with your overall brand. Your audience will then be able to connect the dots and recognise your business, no matter where they see you.

4. less is more

I read recently that 30 billion pieces of content is shared on Facebook each month! People are being bombarded on social media with content. Keep your content creative and short to grab your audience’s attention.

5. use good imagery

With all that content being thrown out there on social media platforms, you want your images to stand out, to evoke a reaction or strike a chord with your audience. Is this something you would engage and/or share with your friends? You also need to be aware that when you use images or any content that you did not create, onto your social media platforms, that you attribute the image with the author.

6. think outside the square!

OK, I know I said 5 tips, but at indie lime, we love to think outside the square. Don’t be afraid to be creative, jump out of the box, stand out and be seen!

So we hope these tips have you motivated to go out there and step up the design of your social media pages. But hey, sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of it all and if you need a helping hand to add some zing to your social media pages, we’d love to help.