COVID-19 Signage

It is important that you have relevant signage around your business to remind employees, customers and clients of the risks of COVID-19 and the measures that are necessary to stop its spread.

We have a range of signage products that can help you to promote your changed services, social distancing measures and other safety messages related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We also offer customisation of Social Distancing and Health and Safety decals, posters etc to fit in with your branding.

If there’s anything we can do to help you at this time, we are here to help. Contact us to have a chat about your requirements, we can come and do a site inspection if needed and put a package together for you.

  • Floor Decals

Signage Range

Floor Decals (indoor and outdoor): 

Non-slip laminate, removable floor graphics. Advise of social distance rules, mark where it is safe to stand, outline safe areas and no-go zones.

Posters and Decals: 

Digital print posters and decals. Outline health and safety precautions, including hand washing and other hygiene, social distance rules, numbers of people allowed in a certain area.


Indoor and outdoor vinyl banners, Pull Up Banners. Showcase that you are open for business, special deals, home delivery etc.


Black or White A-frames with corflute inserts. A great way to change up your messaging to customers and clients, advise them of your open hours, offers etc.

Window Signage Decals:

Easy apply, Easy remove window prints. Advise of social distance rules, numbers of people allowed in certain areas, open hours, offers and special deals.

Vehicle Signage: 

Advertise your Home Delivery service, website, unique products and special deals.

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Why do you need to update your signage?

Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure your clients and potential customers know when you are open, what services you have on offer and also feel safe. 

Let customers know when and where you are available…

Have your hours changed? Are you now online? Do you deliver?

What services are you offering?

Are you still open for people to visit? Are you offering take-away? Are you available for online consultations?

Make sure customers feel safe:

Ensure social distancing rules are in place. Promote good hygiene practices. Offer contactless delivery.